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Trolleys we recommend for mobility & stability aid

Sholley Shopping Trolleys

Choosing the right type of shopping trolley for your personal need can be very confusing.  Shopping trolleys are not only used for shopping purposes, they are used for stability and walking aid as well.  Common questions we get asked are; “which trolley is the most stable?”, “which trolley is best to walk with?” and “do you have a sturdy trolley with a seat?”  Our recommendations for the most sturdy and stable mobility style shopping trolleys are the Sholley trolleys and the Shop-A-Seat trolleys.

The Sholley Trolley
For many years the Sholley trolley has proven to be a stable safe support, giving greater independence and the ability to lean on the trolley whilst walking with.  The Sholley trolley has been proven as the safest shopper to walk with in recent independent Govt. Safety Regulations Tests.  They are recommended by Doctors and Physios for its stable yet light design.  It is not often you find a unique shopping trolley that so dramatically affects the way you do your shopping. There is no rear axle bar at the bottom of the frame meaning you can push the trolley and walk closely behind it without worrying to trip up.

The sholley shopping trolleys are a British design and has been in market for about 25 years.  Recently Sholley’s have been improved to meet customers need. Now that you have decided to become a proud owner of a Sholley trolley, the question is “which one to choose?”  The trolleys are available in three designs, the Classic Model (only available in chocolate brown), the Standard Sholeco Model (only available in chocolate brown) and the Sholeco Deluxe Model (available in chocolate brown and dark blue check).  The sholley Sholeco comes in standard size and petite size (It is specifically designed for people under 5ft 4”).  All Sholley trolleys fold flat instantly even with bag in: No bending. No catches. Simply pull the front top bar towards the handle.  They not have rear axle bar at the bottom of the frame meaning you can push the trolley and walk closely behind it without worrying to trip up.  They come with a park brake which means the back wheels can be locked if you want to stop suddenly.  All Sholley trolleys have adjustable telescopic handles: easily adjusts both angle and height for all walking positions, they are light and easy to use on buses and in small places and fit most cars yet very safe and stable to walk with.

The classic model has fixed style wheels compared to the sholeco models which have swivel wheels allowing you maximum support as you don’t have to tip the Sholley back to turn around tight corners. This makes it so easy to steer yet safe to walk with.  The frame on the classic model is outside whereas on the sholeco models the frame is hidden inside the bag. The Sholeco Deluxe model comes with 2 multi-purpose side pouches, internal front zipped pockets, internal rear three pouch pocket and internal name and address tag.  Additional easy-to-operate ‘slow- down’ hand brake can be fitted to any of the Sholeco models.  This will allow you to slow down your Sholley on hills, when ferrying heavy loads or in wet weather.

So let The Sholley take care of your heavy shopping. It’s unbelievably easy to handle – all you have to do is push it. The Sholley will do the rest!

Shop A Seat Liberator

The Shop-A-Seat trolley

Shop-A-Seat trolleys are widely recognised as ‘Those wonderful trolleys you can sit on’ and have contributed to an easier more mobile lifestyle.  If you find shopping a chore, this practical and versatile shopping trolley will take a load off your arms and the weight off your feet. 

Shop-A-Seat is available as a TWO wheeled ESCORT and a FOUR wheeled LIBERATOR.  Both models are strong built which can take a weight of over 25 stones or 160 kilos, have fully insulated fabric bag which can provide a cool box facility, if required and have Comfortable weatherproof seat. 

The Liberator FOUR wheeled trolley has been designed primarily for people with a disability such as a rheumatism, arthritis, a bad back, neck, shoulders, feet, etc., who require a walking aid. As the name implies, this trolley offers freedom and confidence to those who may normally be housebound, to do their shopping in the knowledge that they can stop and rest whenever they feel the need. The Liberator has extra thick rubber handgrips for arthritic hands and adjustable height handle.

Built to last - an investment you won’t regret and you can keep it running for years!

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