Sunday, 8 December 2013

Is a shopping trolley only used for carrying grocery?

Everyone uses them - be it men, women, elderly to youngsters, we can all benefit from using a shopping trolley. Why carry things manually by hand which can lead to bad back pain, when you can simply roll a wheeled trolley along with little or hardly any effort at all? Not only can you use it to carry your daily grocery shopping around, they also have a lot of other uses to…

City professionals such as teachers, lawyers, nurses and office workers haul around heavy files / documents on a daily basis. Folding boot crate trolleys offer ample space and huge capacity loads, some way above 30kg! Smooth rolling rubber wheels make them a silent choice when wheeling around pathway obstacles and roads and extendible handles make them suitable for someone short or tall. The reason why they are sometimes called “boot” style trolleys is as it says; it folds down conveniently flat to fit into any size car boot or can be stored away into your cupboard at home.

There is certainly no ‘granny style’ stigma attached to the sleek design of Rolser trolleys. Its foldable functionality, good looks and roomy size bags make them ideal for the younger generation. They are great for school and university students that sometimes heave around artwork/documents and oodles of clothes for laundry washing. Larger style wheels make them curb / stair friendly and their high quality robust bags offer many years of prolonged use from wear and tear.

Lastly drag bag style shopping bag on wheels are a great choice for trips to the beach and can also be used as hand luggage when jet setting abroad. Its simple rugged yet lightweight design allows ample storage for towels and clothes and can conveniently be folded down and carried by hand or stashed away in a suitcase when not in use. Some shopping trolleys even have a cooler bag section built in to keep items cold, a perfect choice for picnic outings.

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